Diverse Learning Environments

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Full Time

Our daycare center is open from 7AM-6PM every Monday-Friday (except holidays).
Please see below for our FULL TIME daycare fees.

This allows your child to be dropped off or picked up Anytime during business hours, 5 days a week. This is a discounted fee of ($31/day) and is the best option for your family.

0-36 months $1250 or ($650 subsidized)

3-5 years old $1100 or ($550 subsidized)

Before & After School $650 or  ($440 subsidized) or ($235 subsidized) during spring/summer break

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Part - Time

We also have an option for PART TIME if you only need daycare for a couple days in a week. 

** amount of gov't subsidies to be deducted from these amounts varies depending on ACCB assessment.

4 days/week:

   0-36 months $1200

   3-5 years old $1050

   5-12 years old $600

3 days/week:

   0-36 months $1175

   3-5 years old $1025

   5-12 years old $575

2 days/week:

   0-36 months $1150

   3-5 years old $1000

   5-12 years old $550

1 day/week: Please see Drop-In Rates.

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Before & After School

We only service students/children who attend CHIMNEY HILL ELEMENTARY

(Kindergarten to Grade 7)

 $235 (subsidized - during spring/summer break)

 $440 (subsidized - care surrounding school day)

$650 (no government subsidy in place)

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Drop - In

We also have an option for DROP IN for:

   0-36 months $120/day

   3-5 years old $100/day

   5-12 years old $80/day

This is best when you have unfixed work schedule on when you need daycare (Ex: your work days varies every week),  for those much needed "me time", or a day off with your significant other.
WEEKEND DROP IN is also available for a flat rate of $20/hour (depending on staff availability), please inquire for more details.